Meet The Team

Anderson Sloan and Sagar Doshi are the initiative leaders of One Thousand Schools.  They are passionate about providing the opportunity to volunteer to professionals across the country.  During their time volunteering with SHH in college, they saw the real impact they could make as students and decided to help extend the network to include professionals of all ages.   They are the main points of contact for adults looking to get involved in building 1000 Schools!

Hey – and thanks for checking out One Thousand Schools!

We first met over a fight for top-bunk in 2012.  We went on a service trip to Honduras in hopes of using our winter break to do something productive.  What we didn’t know was that our friendship and shared passions would carry us through college and well into the working world.

At the time of our first trip, we were helping to build a school to help a Honduran community.  We soon came to realize one school would not be enough.  There are hundreds of communities that desperately need schools to educate their youth.  We committed ourselves to attacking cycles of poverty and violence in Honduras by building schools.  Through excessive fundraising efforts, creative marketing strategies, and unique recruiting tactics, we raised over $50,000 dollars in a two year span.  We even won the 2014 University of Maryland Do Good Challenge for a first prize award of $8,500 dollars!

It’s been an incredible journey, but it can’t stop here.  Every year that a community goes without a school in Honduras, the youth in that community are pushed to join violent gang lifestyles.  Our goal is to connect working professionals with an incredible experience while providing a sustainable solution for a community in need.  SHH has already started a movement of students fighting for this cause… it’s time we extend the opportunity to adults and professionals around the country to join the effort!

Check out the rest of the page to see if you would enjoy building a school with soon!

–  Anderson and Sagar

Kara Strasser, Director of Growth Strategy

Jordan Sender, Chief Communication Officer

Kristin Musulin, Director of Personnel

Melissa Frankenberry, Director of Alumni Engagement