Our Story

One Thousand Schools is a brand new initiative to engage professionals and adults in service, under the NGO Students Helping Honduras, also known as SHH.

Students Helping Honduras started in a dorm room back in 2007.  In the last ten years,  SHH has evolved into a large scale development organization that has hosted over 5,500 volunteers in Honduras.  These volunteers have mainly been college and high school students who not only travel with us to Honduras, but raise money through campus and community chapters.   It is through their effort that we have not only been able to build 42 schools, we also run our own Pre K-7 Bilingual School, Children’s HomeVillage Project, Scholarship Program and many other development programs to empower Honduran youth.

The efforts have mainly been youth led. This year, the organization and Shin Fujiyama are celebrating a humongous milestone with their ten year anniversary!   The organization prides itself in providing ethically responsible volunteer trips that are never rooted in pity or the showcasing of vulnerable communities.  SHH is proud to be embedded in the communities it serves.  The program is now thrilled to include professionals also looking to for opportunities to travel, serve and  learn more about the developing world.

On a trip with the One Thousand Schools initiative, you will be engaged with volunteers like yourself who are already immersed in careers, families and experience.  You will engage in discussions that dives deep into cycles of poverty and violence, and how education can address the root causes of these problems.

We are beyond excited to launch this new initiative and see how far our impact can go.  Be the first to join us. 


“One Day.” or “Day One.”

You Decide.

Juntos para los niños!

-One Thousand Schools and the SHH Team