What is at the core of SHH?

Embark with us on a 



To think critically, explore & build a school in Honduras


One Thousand Schools is an initiative to connect professionals with a week long service trip in Honduras.

Our shared mission, with the nonprofit SHH, is to alleviate extreme poverty in Honduras through education and youth empowerment.

So Why Honduras?

Honduras is the 2nd poorest nation in the western hemisphere; roughly 2/3 of the population lives in poverty.

Honduras has the worst gang epidemic on the planet. Thousands of children lacking safety and education have been forced to seek refuge outside the country.

With access to a quality education and jobs, the Honduran people can fight back. There are 1000 communities in Honduras that lack access to a school facility.  By building them 1 at a time, we can create lasting change for students.

Next Trip: Due to the ongoing global pandemic, our next trip will occur in 2022. Check back for more details!

Each school built by One Thousand Schools will help children in an impoverished community gain opportunity through education.


What Can You Expect?

Sustainable Solution

Our goal is to provide a solution that will continue to benefit children and communities long after you are gone.  Each school we build will have 3 classrooms and will support up to 300 children per community.  Some schools hold sessions in the mornings and afternoons for different sets of students.  Communities already provide teachers and structure, they just need physical buildings.  Honduran families understand the value of education and believe in supporting their children to combat the cycles of gang activity, early pregnancy, and extreme poverty.

Transformational Experience

We hold the dignity and respect of our partner communities at the highest standard.  Choose this trip knowing we have worked hard to create an experience that is responsible in that regard, yet transformative for you.  We invite you to observe as we pull back the lid on international development and service. You will be exposed to new ideas and authentically opened to another culture. We hold nightly reflections to engage in thoughtful dialogue regarding ethical travel, international development, Central America and personal growth.

Cultural Exposure

On day one, we give you a taste of Honduran hospitality by inviting you into local homes and cooking local Honduran cuisine!  Throughout the week, there are a variety of activities that showcase the Honduran culture- ranging from salsa dancing lessons to cage soccer.  If you are looking to experience another world while enjoying the food, sport, and warmth of the culture, this is the trip for you.

Looking for a different kind of volunteer experience? 

You’re at the right place.

Our Core Values

Local Empowerment

Hondurans have a deeper understanding of the local culture and context than any foreigner or international aid worker. By empowering Hondurans to guide our organization, we’re able to provide invaluable leadership opportunities, offer professional training, and ensure that we’re operating responsibly. We are proud that the vast majority of our 53 staff members are Honduran.

Jobs, Not Handouts

We do not give handouts to impoverished communities because it can create a culture of dependency. We provide jobs to approximately 15 full-time and 50 part-time Honduran employees. In order to facilitate the volunteer trips, we work with mothers and fathers from the communities to help us as cooking & cleaning staff, drivers, construction workers, and tour guides. By providing jobs to dozens of previously unemployed Hondurans, families can buy food, clothes, and medicine. We also support local businesses such as family-owned hotels, restaurants, souvenir shops, and food stands, thus providing a significant boost to a local economy with very little tourism.

Sweat Equity

All of the communities that we work with provide sweat equity – their time & labor towards the project. Families from every village we work with volunteer in shifts and contribute a portion of the needed construction supplies. This helps us reduce costs of our projects by up to 40% and increases the likelihood of the project succeeding in the long-run. Through the act of sweat equity, the community begins to value the project more and develop a sense of ownership.