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Our Values


We’re all working together to provide education in Honduras


84% of our staff are Honduran. Having a deeper understanding of the local culture, the organization provides invaluable leadership and opportunities not available anywhere else, and ensure that we’re operating responsibly.


By creating jobs, we hope to promote self-reliance and dignity. We do not give handouts because it can create a culture of dependency.


All communities that we work with provide sweat equity- their time and labor towards the project. By ensuring community buy-in and ownership, this increases the likelihood of the project succeeding in the long-run.


Many non-profit organizations rely on big grants and donors. Our organization has a diverse donor base and income generating ventures that cover our entire operating costs.


We’re passionate about doing development differently. We’ve spent over a decade
years learning from others’ mistakes and our own – struggling with how to actually be
helpful to a community in need while staying humble and preserving dignity.

We do not invite international volunteers to “do” development. We invite them to
learn. We pull back the curtain on a global nonprofit for young people to see
how difficult this work is – but how possible it is to make an impact for those
that need it most.

Although we have a large focus on our volunteers and their education, the real
progress is led by and initiated by the Honduran people.

Our goal is to act as a sidekick to those doing work in their own community. We
offer our program as an alternative to trips abroad that perpetuate oppression
or the idea that western students can “change the world” in one week just
because they come from a more privileged part of the world.

We want our volunteers to leave with more questions than they arrived with – as
well as a new interest in global development.