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2017-2018 Student Directors: School Year in Review

Grabbing an early morning coffee to a fundraising event after a late night at the library. Power walking to the chapter meeting after finishing class. Giving thanks for the existence of Venmo. We have successfully completed another school year! Today marks the middle of our Fundraising Year and also the end of the school year. We were always rooting for each chapter, fundraiser, and volunteer. Spread out all over the country, the SHH community is a unique one with an indescribable drive. We cannot express how proud we are of what the SHH family has accomplished this year.

This was a year of resilience and perseverance. We inaugurated 7 schools, broke ground on School 50, and had countless fundraisers everywhere. School campuses… metros, garages, and a country club. You guys did and covered it all.We can’t stop and won’t stop. We got until October 31st to reach the goal of $25,000 for each school, or they won’t be completed in time for the next school year. It’s definitely not easy, but we can do it and we have done it. Send those hand-written emails, hold a summer BBQ block party, or take out those cupcake holders. The possibilities to FUNdraise are endless.

We have the word Students in our name for a reason. We’re apart of this cause because we believe every child deserves to goo to school and receive an education. We, sidekicks, have a mission to complete! It has been an absolute honor and joy being your Student Directors this year.


Endless thanks and best of luck!

Jacob, Mallory, and Jenny