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Chapter President: Alison Turner from App. State University

“If you’re not an activist, you’re an inactivist” -Ric O’barry 


Allison T.

School and Graduation:

Appalachian State University ’20

School State and Location:

Boone, North Carolina


Sustainable Development

Who is your role model?

Wangari Maathai

How many trips have you been on with SHH?


When’s your upcoming trip?

This Winter

What is one thing you would recommend a first-timer to not forget or bring on a trip?

Don’t forget bug spray, locks of socks, and a headband if you have long hair! Also having a trash bag for your dirty clothes is nice for packing up to come home.

What school campaign did your school fundraise for the 2018 year?

Escuela Juan Lindo

What is a fundraiser your chapter is going to do or did?

Salsa y Salsa, Thrift SHHop, Succulent Sale

Follow-up: Why was it successful?

We all put a lot into these events and made sure to spread the word about them to everyone we can.

What is a leadership skill you use often?

I’m really friendly with everyone. I want us to all be comfortable around each other.

As a leader, what are you working on?

Confidence, I’d like to be able to speak to larger groups and not be so scared

What makes your chapter special?

Everyone is so passionate about what they do and everyone brings their own unique perspective into our fundraisers. All of our members are creative and determined to pull off our goals. Having our fundraisers staffed is never a problem. When I first joined I remembered being so welcomed into the club and I know the club will be just as warm to newcomers this year!

Favorite SHH/Honduras memory:

Lil Jamie Foxx, Jafet, and Isaac at the Escuela Santa Fe worksite in 2017

Why SHH?

Everyone deserves an opportunity to go to school, and to feel safe there. I would not be who I am today without the experiences I was able to have when I was a kid, and I think that’s something that every single person is entitled to.