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Estudiantes de Honduras: Meet Germayoni and Greysi, 7th Graders at the Villa Soleada Bilingual School

Estudiantes de Honduras: Meet Germayoni and Greysi, 7th Graders at the Villa Soleada Bilingual School

Estudiantes de Honduras

Meet Germayoni and Greysi, 7th graders at Villa Soleada Bilingual School

They were given a tasks to write a piece from a picture they took. Read their pieces.

Photo and written by Germayoni

“The first thing you will that would grab your attention, those beauty and smell pink flowers, that have grown so big that now are falling a bit. Everywhere you look, you will see a huge sea of grass separate by a big and large fence. At the other side you will see a small palm, that its losing it’s leaves, but it still try to live it’s life as a green, small and old palm. Coming back where the flowers live, you can see it’s house, an old and big car wheel, its hard to see it because of the large grass that help it hide from people’s eyes. Now let’s describe the fence made of metal and cement, large and safe, but doesn’t makes you feel like you are in jail (this is kind of confusing). Other thing you can find and see is a little empty bag that someone through on the floor, who knows when, who knows why, the only thing I will say is that it makes me feel mad.”

Photo taken and written by Greysi

“Throw the fence you will see a paradise there is a huge field it is surround of many green trees and colorful flowers. At the back of this beautiful paradise there are some enormous mountains. The sun is shining like millions of diamond, it make the green trees make a wonderful shade. The sky has a beautiful blue! Some birds are crossing the blue sky. You can see the trees dancing as the air passes, and flowers decorating the leaves of the trees. There are some people that are walking way to collage. It look like the need to hurry as the clock keep moving the seconds and each minute it passes they are going farther. At the other side of the fence there is my school there is the kids area a basketball court through the basketball court there are some classrooms where you ill see how the teachers decorate the yellow walls with all they teach. You will also going to see some palm at the other side of the walls.