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School Building Update from Eben Ezer Village Honduras

School Building Update from Eben Ezer Village Honduras

Update from Eben Ezer Village

A few months ago in January, parents from a small village in Northern Honduras called Eben Ezer contacted our organization. For a long time, children walked through the palm fields to attend school in the neighboring village. However, the recent rise in gang activity in the area made it too dangerous for the children the walk.   It was time to help them build a school

So last year, a group of parents from Eben Ezer got together to start an open air school inside of their own village.

But of course, it was difficult to hold classes when it rain and impossible to store desk and tables in the school without walls. That’s when the parents in the village contacted us. We told our supporters about the situation and got an incredible response. We know how to build a school and with an amazing outpouring of help, we raised the necessary funding.

How to build a school

School_Building_Update_frmo_Eben_Ezer_Village_Honduras build schools


In January, hundreds of volunteers from all over the world flew down to join the parents from Eben Ezer in great grounds together to build a new school building for the village.

As part of what we call Sweat Equity, every community that we worked with is required to provide manual labor in the small percentage of the construction supplies.

For weeks, everyone worked hard in the blazing sun to lay cinder block after cinder block.

Students from our campus chapters organized multiple events to raise the fund we needed to finish the school. With the funds being sent down, the parents to continue to work day and night at the construction site. And in October, we finished the construction giving more than 200 children access to a safe school.

Students helping Honduras would like to thank everyone who made this project possible especially the volunteers from Virginia Tech and Washington College raised more than $13,000. In honor of the Virginia Tech Hokies community member decided to paint the school in maroon and orange.

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