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1,000 schools – Students Helping Honduras

1,000 schools – Students Helping Honduras

1,000 schools – Students Helping Honduras


For many years, thousands of children, Honduran boys and girls in marginalized villages across Honduras haven’t had access to a school or a basic education. This lack of education has contributed to an explosion in population growth, unemployment, and the increase in the number of young people joining gangs like MS 13.

But in 1999, A Honduran government began sending teachers to more than 3000 remote villages and gave the parents the decision making power to hire and fire teachers based on performance. But the problems is most of these villages don’t have resources to build schools forcing teachers to teach in living rooms, wooden shacks, pool halls, and even bars.

When it rains classes are frequently canceled because of leaking room and lack of adequate latrines can cause hepatitis, hookworms and other diseases. The study shows that without bathrooms attendance drop significantly especially for girls.

According to government’s statistics, children in approximately 1000 villages across Honduras are receiving classes in these conditions.

As of 2011, students of Honduras on a Honduras mission trip has worked in 6 villages in Northern Honduras to build schools, additional classrooms, and latrines and to provide resources like desks, chalkboards, clean water, and school supplies.

This was all made possible by the fund rising of hundreds of students from across the country. And the parents, who believe in the power of education, mobilize their community to provide the manual labor to build these schools.

Our goal is to build schools and provide resources for all of the 1000 remote villages across Honduras by the year 2020.

Children like Heila are waiting for the chance to become the next leaders of Honduras and she is ready to do whatever it takes.

Please join us by fundraising at your school, or volunteering with us in Honduras.


Students Helping Honduras students seeking college students and volunteer teachers for volunteer programs and internships abroad for school building and volunteer teaching abroad.