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Villa Soleada Bilingual School update from Honduras

Villa Soleada Bilingual School update from Honduras

Villa Soleada Bilingual School 2013-14 update from Honduras


Volunteer teaching abroad

We started the school here in August at the Vila Soleada Bilingual School with the brand new team. We have 7 teachers working together in this year, 4 of them who flew down from the US to teach for an entire year with us.  They are excited to be a volunteer teaching abroad.

Kerry is a former Peace Corps volunteer who is teaching kindergarten.

Rachel is a graduate from the University of Mary Washington who is now teaching the first grade.   She is volunteer teaching abroad in Honduras.

Loren is a recent college graduate who left her hometown of Pittsburgh to teach second grade.

And Trevor also a graduate from the University of Mary Washington is teaching the 3rd grade.  They are here to volunteer work abroad.

Parents from the city are hearing about the amazing results that our teachers are producing with our students. As of this school here, children from more than 10 villages are attending our Bilingual school. Now at max capacity with 100 students and a long wait list of more kids who want to enroll with us.

These students from outside Villa Soleada are paying $20 per month to help for their operating cost of the school. This makes us the most affordable bilingual school in the entire city at the same time allows us to subsidizes the cost from the students from Vila Soleada .

This year we are providing scholarships to 44 students from Vila Soleada and low-income families in the area.

And as part of our Sweat Equity requirement, the parents who have children that receive scholarships are required to volunteer a few hours each week at our school.

These kids are the future of Vila Soleada in Honduras. And with the excellent education and fluency in English, they will be the ones that finally break the cycle of poverty for their families.

In the coming years, we help to reach financial self-sufficiency at the school through the monthly fees that our students from higher income families will be paying. And from a sponsorship program that’s currently in development.

Our organization would like to give special thanks to our chapter at Stony Brook, Clemson, Mary Washington, Wake Forest, South Carolina, and to our top fundraiser of the year Trevor Benante for raising funds for our Bilingual school this year. Thank you to all the college students that are volunteer teaching abroad.


Volunteer teaching abroad

Students Helping Honduras have international student volunteers serving as paid volunteer teachers in Villa Soleada Bilingual School.  Come volunteer in Honduras, Central America by joining the teaching volunteer program with our bilingual school volunteer teaching abroad program.