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Villa Soleada Children’s Home update 2013

Villa Soleada Children’s Home update 2013

Villa Soleada Children’s Home update 2013 orphanage in Honduras

Children’s Home and Orphanage in Honduras

2013 was a big year for our Children’s Home orphanage in Honduras. In May, we welcomed Ariel, a new boy who moved in with us. He has got an unlimited source of energy and has made many friends in the village already.

Ariel and 4 other boys from the home are learning English at our bilingual school.

Pedro, Herman and Christian are doing great with their new teacher in second grade.

Abel is enjoying his 3rd grade with Mr. Trevor.

Elder, Christian and Jon Carlos are going to a prestigious private school in town waking up at 5:00 am every day to make it there on time.

Our oldest boys attended an accelerated weekend school to finish two grades each year. And during the week each of them is receiving 40 hours in vocational training.

Kevin and Antonio are learning to become car mechanics. This month they are already learning to fix motors and mufflers.

Carlos is interning in the wood shop and he is learning to make furniture, doors, and hardwood floors.

William Cesar continues to receive private art lessons and he is now taking a course on Adobe Photoshop to learn graphic designing.

We have increased the number of staff members at the children home to help with the growing number of children that are now with us. This also allows us to provide valuable jobs in professional training that many mothers and fathers in the community. In fact, as of this year, 100% of our on the ground staff members are Honduran. A goal that we had been working towards empowering Honduran nationals to become leaders for their country.

A new staff person that I wanted to highlight is our now full-time mentor named Aldolfo, who is also the soccer coach for our boys and girls team. The kids have practiced every day at 4:00 pm and have them playing against other village teams on the weekends.

And in August we have inaugurated the girl’s home welcoming 9 children lived in this state orphanage.

The younger girls are already attending classes at our bilingual school. And the older girls will be starting middle school when classes start in February. In the afternoons, the girl study with their tutors.

And for my 30th birthday in September, we organized a campaign to raise money to help for Abigail’s cancer treatment.

We thought that it will take weeks to raise the money, but in just 4 days friends and supporters helped us to surpass our goal raising nearly $40,000 for Abby.  She is going through life-saving chemotherapy now. Thanks to everyone that has donated to our Honduras orphanage.

Students helping Honduras are like to give special thanks to our chapter at Towson University for raising for more than $35,000 this year for our children’s home, making them the chapter of the year.

Villa Soleada Children’s Home is one of the premier orphanages in Honduras

Students Helping Honduras is an international volunteer abroad with students volunteering with children in the Villa Soleada orphanage.  Come join the volunteer programs as an orphanage volunteer with one of our alternative spring break volunteer trips for college students.