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Chapter President: Benjamin Pereboom from Salisbury University

Chapter President: Benjamin Pereboom from Salisbury University

 “To live without hope is to cease to live.” -Fyodor Dostoevsky 


Benjamin Pereboom

School and Graduation:

Salisbury University ’20

School State and Location:

Salisbury, Maryland



Who is your role model?

My Mom and Dad, and I’m not about to pick favorites.

How many trips have you been on with SHH?

Three to this point

When’s your upcoming trip?

This winter, hopefully!

What is one thing you would recommend a first-timer to not forget or bring on a trip?

Bring your timbs

What school campaign did your school fundraise for the 2018 year?

Escuela Cruz Roja

What is a fundraiser your chapter is going to do or did?

THE Second Annual SU SHH Spring Dodgeball Tournament

Follow-up: Why was it successful?

It defied all of my expectations, actually. We’d been doing all kinds of promotion but not hearing anything but, somehow, we had about 12 teams show up on the day of the tournament and we had an absolute blast. Could clean up a few aspects of the event but it was a huge step in the right direction for our chapter.

What made you join SHH on your school campus?

I absolutely loved my experience in UMD’s chapter (shoutout to my Terps, love you guys). Then I met Jacey Young and Emily Higgins (more shoutouts to them) at leadership week 2017 and the rest is history!  

What is a leadership skill you use often?

I try to be personable while not taking myself too seriously.

As a leader, what are you working on?

I feel like you whether have charisma or you don’t, but it’s certainly something I’m trying to find in myself.

What is a special tradition at your chapter?

Flooding out all of our meeting powerpoint with sick memes

What is something your chapter does during meetings to make it not seem like a meeting?

I’m not sure who I got the idea from, but we always start by sharing one good thing that happened to each person at the meeting that day. It’s a good chance to unwind before we actually talk business. It also gives everyone a chance to reflect on our respective days.

What would you like to see your chapter achieve this year?

I want to implement the rule of 10. I want to average 10 people at every meeting, and I want to see $10k on the board at the end of the year.

Favorite SHH/Honduras memory:

The inauguration ceremony for Proheco Progreso. I got to break ground and lay the floor, and to finally see it get finished and be ready for this past fall was one of the best moments of my life. Honorable mention: cage soccer.

Anything you would like to say to your chapter, eboard, members, and/or SHH friends?


Why SHH?

Because I believe in our mission and I believe in the people who are working to complete that mission. There’s an indescribable energy I feel when I get to being around SHH people–it’s like an unspoken awareness and a concern for something greater than ourselves. I’m very fortunate to have the pleasure of sharing that mission with you all, and I hope I can meet more people like you!